The professionals of CHW, LLP have been leading healthcare and non-profit organizations since the late 1970’s. Over time, we have noticed the world of healthcare has become increasingly complex. Throughout the years, we have seen monumental changes in healthcare reimbursement, the organizational structures of healthcare organizations, healthcare regulation and compliance requirements, as well as the accounting and auditing issues that have come as a result of those changes. CHW, LLP has significant experience with federally qualified health centers (FQHCs). This gives us perspective unlike other CPA firms and a vested interest in helping our FQHCs flourish.


Today’s communities need the help and services provided by nonprofits. In a fiercely competitive environment, nonprofit organizations need a clear mission, solid management, visionary leadership and strong resource networks to succeed.

As a nonprofit organization, you need more than a good heart to stay in business. To serve constituents and fulfill your mission, you need to manage your organization as efficiently and responsibly as a for-profit business.

CHW, LLP has a well-earned reputation for providing clients with in-depth knowledge and a unique understanding of the nonprofit sector and its operations, opportunities and challenges.